Life in community is designed to challenge us to grow physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Community can be found in playing sports on the covered court, or meeting for worship on Prayer Mountain. It can be found during the chapels or with friends during meals. Challenges can be faced and conquered whether academically or personally.

Recreation is a big part of APTS. Both students and faculty alike participate in various sports to divert from all the hectic study week. From basketball, soccer, table tennis, badminton, racketball to volleyball, the campus has facilities to satisfy the preferences of
our students.

Looking for a laid back atmosphere? The student lounge, also known as the Coffee Bar is the hangout place for students. A place that doesn’t only provide snacks & refreshments but also a cozy ambiance for short breaks from classes, study, and recreation.

Aside from the daily activities of students, two full blast fun filled events are showcased every year. The International Night, displays the multi-cultural identity of APTS as it portrays the diverse nationalities within the community. An oppurtunity to feel, experience and taste the various cuisine and tradition prepared by the students that represent their own country.

Another big event for students is the Annual School Outing that usually takes place in waterparks. Students & families form teams and compete against each other in various games and challenges. A memory embedding event that is sure to last a long time.