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We want the best
for your child.

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What measures does ACPH take to ensure the safety of students?
The number one goal of our campus is to ensure the safety of students, staff, faculty and those who visit our campus. Our campus is well-lit and totally walled with buildings located close together.  We also have 24 hour guards monitoring the campus. Baguio is historically a safe location but we also enforce a curfew to ensure the safety of our students.

What if my student is struggling academically?
Our goal is academic success for your student.   There are extra English sessions if that is an issue; every professor also has at least one hour a week available for individual help or tutoring.  Study skill training is also offered during orientation.


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Is medical care available on campus? What should students do when they need to see a doctor?
There is a health clinic on campus with a nurse on duty several times a week.  In addition, the school maintains good relations with a variety of medical doctors for other issues.

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What if my student has a roommate problem?
There are several steps in place to proactively work toward solving roommate problems. First, students are encouraged to take any problems they may have to their residence assistant (RA). The RA is trained to coach students on how to talk to their roommates and set up new boundaries. As a last resort, if all strategies and new boundaries have been learned and applied to no avail, students may be moved to a different room to eliminate the problem.


Can my student stay in the residence halls during vacations?
Students are allowed to stay in the residence halls during all breaks that fall within the academic semester. However, meals during breaks do not run on regular hours — and on long breaks meals may not be served at all. Students will be notified of the changes in meal schedules with enough time to plan accordingly.
Most students are required to leave the residence halls over Christmas break and all are required to leave over summer break.